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Muscle Pharm do not have room for error, Casein’s scoop is half the intended size

Muscle Pharm’s Casein was an exciting release, not only did it get a new supplement out it also showed who the brand is looking to compete with (Optimum, Cytosport etc). It is hard to go wrong with a casein protein but unfortunately team green did. While the formula is pretty impressive it is in the final touches the brand went wrong. As you can see pictured above there are two very different scoops. The one on the left is Combat’s which is meant to be 34.5g and the right, Casein which is meant to weigh 31g. Which one is wrong? The slow release scoop comes in at 14g, less than half it’s intended size. It may be a production mistake or a print mistake, either way it is a mistake. If you know someone who is running MP’s Casein make sure they know to double up on the baby scoop.

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