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Mutant Test gets invited to 2012, new formula but just as powerful

Mutant’s muscle builder Mutant Test has gone under the knife and come out the other side a lot heavier. Big totals do not always make for a great supplement, however with the extra 1.54g Test is an exception to that rule. The main reason the new formula has put on a bit of bulk is because Mutant have swapped out their adaptogen complex for DAA, which takes up 3g in this product. Most of everything else is the same.

Zinc is still 30mg, testosurge remains on board but without it’s matrix mate spectratest, that slot drops from 1.25g to 500mg. The aromatase inhibitor now contains two ingredients, stinging nettle and eleuthero root giving it 27mg less than the original (235mg). Lastly the black pepper extract has come down from 7.5mg to 5mg. All in all the product has dropped a fair bit however it should prove to be equally as powerful. The swap for DAA brings Mutant Test in to the 2012 competition and even though the formula is not as strong as some of today’s beasts it will more than satisfy the brands large fan base.

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