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Reformulated Hydroxystim making the rounds, label transparency puts Hydroxycut Elite on top

Aside from Neurocore, which received it’s update a while ago, Hydroxystim was the only other supplement from Muscletech’s concentrate series that required the DMAA removal. It is only in the last few weeks retailers have been coming up with the newly formulated fat burner.

The caffeine and huperzine doses remain the same at 100mg and 13mcg. The DMAE has dropped .3mg as well as the yohimbe complex by 2.5mg. To replace the much loved geranium Muscletech have borrowed ingredients from their Hydroxycut Elite. They have filled the one hole with two, theanine and coleus forskohlii. The downside is thanks to label transparency we can see how much weaker the doses are compared to the Performance Series weight loss product.

Muscletech put in 33.3mg of theanine and 83.3mg of coleus per capsule into the new Hydroxystim. That loses all it’s glory when compared to Hydroxy Elite with 50mg and 125mg. It was always going to be difficult replacing DMAA in any supplement, the least they could have done was load up similar or stronger doses.

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