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Amino1 didn’t live up to the hype, Muscle Pharm can’t be the best at everything

Muscle Pharm’s Amino1 had a lot of promise. A high end formula, 3:1:2 BCAA ratio, energy ATP fueler and an amino hydration system. It is easily the company’s most impressive contents list since last year’s Armor-V. It didn’t need to be overly effective since their fan base was, and always is, ready to purchase what ever they release. After putting the product to the test. If their goal was to ever break into the category’s top 5, they aimed way too high.

32 servings is a great selling point right out of the gate. The same as Assault and two more than the supplement award winner AminoX. Unfortunately after using one, two, three and four scoops separately, it is hard to understand why you would even consider going with Amino1. If it has any effects they are along the lines of BCAAs – recovery, muscle building, growth, in the most subtlest of ways. So in that case just grab MP’s dedicated BCAA 3:1:2 instead.

It is almost impossible to top Monster Amino, the current category killer. The other problem is supplements like Aminolast and AminoX follow very close behind. Muscle Pharm really needed to bring something bigger to the game. The formula did look good however it just didn’t seem to deliver.

Right now, the brand are pumping this product like crazy, more flavors, another size, they really need to keep this up. Assaulting the fitness enthusiasts with promotions and advertising is what will get this supplement out there more than it’s results.

Amino1 may work on other people better than the ones that reviewed it for Stack3d. You may get a slight energy sensation or revitalization but that isn’t the point. The reason you should stay away from this is that it has little effect compared to others. One serving of Monster Pump worked the same if not better on everyone than 4 servings of Amino1 did on the single positive user.

Muscle Pharm will continue to grow. This review will stop them moving just as much as rain dances stop it from raining. All we can do is hope they take a little time to look back and remember what they are good at. Releasing products that are unique. This was always going to be an industry trender no matter what twist they put on it.

Amino1, even if it was a good supplement, already had it’s work cut for it with the competition. Coming into the game this late is difficult, with the impressive exception of Aminolast. Muscle Pharm have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a product that just did not perform as good as the rest, you can’t be the best at everything. What they should do is sit back and watch Muscletech. See if they can succeed or make it two for two with the Nitro Amino FX sequel, Amino Build.

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