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ANS compete with comparisons, HIT is not a bad fat burner either way

The brand in the spotlight today is ANS Performance. Not one of the biggest names around but definitely well presented. The company currently products 3 supplements, the one we are looking at today is HIT, high intensity thermogenic. It’s formula is not that bad, caffeine, evodiamine, green coffee and the Jack3d ingredient schizandra are a handful of highlights. The ANS fat burner should have effects similar to feel good, energy and thermo driven products.

However at the bottom of each supplement’s info page the brand have used Athletic Xtreme like comparison tables. The chart lists HIT’s intended competition and the products that have been challenged are pretty high up. OxyElite, Super-HD and Hydroxycut Elite. Anyone can win an argument, it’s all about displaying the right facts and ANS did just that. To check out the full table and description visit the official website.

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