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ß-BCAA compares to the best, Cellucor kick off their Cor range with a bang

Cellucor’s B-BCAA was one of the first supplements in the brands new Cor Performance range. The idea behind all of the products featured in the line is – basic with a twist. This BCAA formula contains a simple 2:1:1 ratio with added doses of citrulline, beta-alanine and HICA. It’s competition is pretty heavy, with Aminolast, Monster Amino and supplement award winner AminoX. The question today is, how does it compare.

The BCAA counts in this are the exact same as Gaspari’s Aminolast. The 2:1:1 ratio and the 5g total. Another feature is the citrulline, which tops Monster Amino’s 1g dose at 2g per scoop. The last two names rounding out the label are HICA and beta alanine. HICA is reasonably new to the scene, only a few supplements on the market actually use it. Regardless of what it’s claims are, it’s presence did not seem to boost the Cellucor product in any noticeable way. The beta alanine on the other hand actually brought the BCAA down.

Taken post-workout the supplement does it’s job. The citrulline and BCAA work their magic to increase recovery equally as quick as Monster Amino. The revitalization is a little bit lower if not on par with Aminolast. The reason beta alanine drags the product down is because any more than 1 scoop brings on pins and needles in a not so comfortable way.

Generally you can pop up to 2 maybe a few more servings to boost the effects for some unique or higher tolerance athletes. AminoX is spot on at 1 and a half, Aminolast and Monster are good with a little under 2. However Cellucor’s is held back, the recovery is good at 1, better at 1 and a half. It’s the beta alanine downsides that make it not worth upsizing the dose. You may be lucky and have a good tolerance, but even those who rarely feel the pins seemed to react.

On one scoop it is good, there is no argument there. If one does it for you, don’t go up, keep with what works. It’s results definitely put it up in competition with some of the best. The only reason it may have trouble is if some fans are accustomed to heaped scoops or high BCAAs. The excessive pins and needles may send them packing. You won’t find this issue with any of the others because they do not contain beta alanine.

At least the 30 serving tub will see you through the month if you do decide to go for the BCAA. It does work great as an amino pre-workout, so it can be used at both ends. The question of whether or not Cellucor could come down from the heavens and compete with the regular folks has been answered. Yes they can. Aside from the tingles, BCAA is a great example of a regular product with a high end twist.

The final impressive feature of the supplement is nothing a photograph or advert can capture. Cellucor have polished off this C4 sized bottle with a beautiful matte finish. They know how to innovate and package, now we know they can do it on a budget.

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