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Cor-Performance Whey launching this month, Cellucor tease out the flavors, facts and additional 2lb size

Cellucor’s Cor-Whey is set to land this month and everything formula related has pretty much been released. The 100% whey supplement contains 25g of protein, with 1.5g fat and 4g carbs (These specifics will vary depending on the flavor). Cellucor made it quite clear to fans what size the tubs were going to be when they uploaded the first teaser image.

It wasn’t until the second one popped up that we found out 2lb tubs were involved.

Cor-Whey’s price has yet to get announced and in the last update we figured if it come in around $40 it would be quite competitive. However with the additional size now in the picture and the possibility that Cellucor may set a price similar to that of their BCAA and Creatine. A better estimate would be $29.99 for the 2lb and $49.99 for the 4lb.

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