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Test Powder versus Anatropin, final review for the powder and pill battle

At first it was thought Test Powder would be pitted against other powdered test supplements like Evotest, Testogen XR and A-HD. After it’s price tag was revealed it became quite clear that it’s number one competitor was the similarly priced Anatropin. Not only did they both sit around the $45 mark, but they were both driven by the awesomely powerful l-dopa. While USP were not afraid to show off their mucuna pruriens dose at 200mg, Gaspari kept their count hidden away in a proprietary blend. It took a while to get cycles in on each product however we have a winner for the powder versus pill battle.

Anatropin was reviewed first and it laid down a pretty good challenge for Test Powder. There were differences in their formulas, most notably with Gaspari’s slim label. It relied mainly on it’s 3 man complex but also had a little 10mg shot of zinc just for laughs. While Test Powder had the l-dopa ingredient, it also included a big dose of DAA and a module blend mixing up carnitine, trimethylglycine, garcinia mangostana and aframomum melegueta. If you haven’t heard of those last two don’t worry, they are about as well known as Anatropin’s other two features.

Looking at the labels and prices they were expected to come out equal but unfortunately Test Powder is inferior to Anatropin.

The effects of Test are as expected, similar to the Gaspari product. Not a huge amount of recovery, in fact not much at all. However the strength and growth gains exceed what we have come to expect from mainstream testosterone supplements. You will see improvements with the USP product but not enough to make it a better choice than Anatropin.

Both formulas build that drive and determination however Anatropin yet again, does it better than Test Powder. Motivation always increases on a high end booster and results from these products further that effect. But Anatropin not only boosts the focus and desire, it draws out an intensity that makes training more than rewarding. Test Powder does elevate the bodies ouput however to take out the little blue bottle the supplement needed more than elevation.

Even though at this price and quality level the taste shouldn’t matter, it probably is on your mind. If you do choose to go with Test Powder you will not be disappointed with the flavoring. USP Labs did a good job with the fruit punch variant. There is only one option on the menu but it is actually drinkable. Don’t expect anything as luxurious as Blox, then again don’t expect anything as bitter as Craze.

It was a tight battle between the two. Test Powder is a great supplement it is just unfortunate that Anatropin exists. You could say if USP’s fighter went on special it would be the better product however if we were to go down to the wire. Gaspari’s booster in most stores wins out by a few dollars, in some places more than a few. The blue corner takes this one out, but it went to the cards and if we were going to put a number on it 94-81.