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Cellucor reformulate their 1 of a kind pre-workout, M5 Extreme Reloaded takes the attention off the Cor range

Recently Cellucor have been hard at work on their new Cor-Performance line. However, it doesn’t seem to have taken up all of their time. The high end brand have switched off the commodity style of formulating and put together an upgraded version of M5 Extreme.

In case you’re not a Cellucor follower, M5 is a unique supplement designed to offer users a customizable pre-workout experience.

The package splits up the product into two parts. One stimulant heavy and one not. It gives people the opportunity to take out the sleep depriving ingredients for late night workouts.

Getting back to the point. The new M5 should be landing sometime in 2013. So far nothing has been released on it’s ingredients but hopefully that will change the closer we get to the launch. The product should have quite the upgrade. With a name stretching as long as Muscletech’s Hardcore Pro Series supplements. M5 Extreme Reloaded does have the space to expand and explore in an area where nobody else has yet to go.

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