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The stimulant supplement Stim·U·Tant, Mutant finally get their melt down underway

Mutant’s melt down supplement has arrived and even though it isn’t titled Mutant Shred, it is as predicted from the weight loss category. The product’s name is a clever play on the word stimulant. Taking out the ‘l’ and adding some dots, the new supplement is called Stim·U·Tant. The inspiration for the title comes from the item’s formula.

Like Detonate and the recently reviewed Synedrex, Stim·U·Tant is not a diet driven supplement. So don’t expect any strong appetite, craving or other effects outside of thermogenic energy. It actually doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out as Mutant have painted the new product with some incredibly over the top lines like, ‘hellfire focus and energy’ and ‘a feeling of immortality in the gym’. Both of those are massive exaggerations however there was one phrase on the bottle that stood out, ‘higher and longer than ever’.

Stim·U·Tant has set it’s sights on long lasting powerful energy. The mystery is whether or not it will deliver on that. The supplement’s ingredients are not unheard of, they are actually quite the opposite. The one and only Caffeine, yohimbe (every fat burner), hordenine (new D-Stunner) and Naringin (Thermonex) make up half of the formula’s pack. The unique mix of contents could make you a non-believer because it doesn’t really have anything that should make you jump off whatever working fat burner you currently have. However, the same was said about Gaspari’s Detonate. A small list of low and high level stims that together created the best clean energy product of 2012’s weight loss category.

It wouldn’t be a huge risk trying Stim·U·Tant. If the supplement does come out as effective as hoped, you’d probably be looking at a Detonate equal. The deciding factor for the brand will be the product’s price. When retailers start stocking the fat burner the Mutant Nation will most likely buy it first chance they get. Everybody else on the other hand is presently spoiled for choice.

With the new OxyElite, Hydroxycut and even VPX’s Redline, all going off for great deals at the moment. Even if Stim·U·Tant turns out to be an incredible supplement the market is not an easy crack right now. Especially the weight loss department. The stim burner is meant to be turning up sometime next week so the price question will be answered then.

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