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Myofusion Elite 5lb exclusive, Gaspari push for value with their protein powder

Gaspari’s Myofusion Elite has been hitting stores everywhere with it’s 4 and 2lb tubs. The supplement is being promoted quite well with it’s slowly digesting ability as well as extraordinary flavoring. The one place where it is losing out is with it’s price. At $30 a 2lb and $50 a 4lb, it’s not making much of a statement against protein powders with similar intentions like Muscle Pharm’s Combat. As it turns out Gaspari do have a 5lb tub lined up for exclusive release in certain areas. It might not be making it’s way to the American market however it is a good sign that the brand are looking to amp up Myofusion Elite’s value. To see just how strong Gaspari can compete with protein products all you need to do is look as far back as Myofusion Probiotic and it’s massive 10lb bag.

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