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The deadly Carnitine Core, Muscle Pharm go big with their first premixed supplement

We all knew it was coming and now Muscle Pharm’s latest Core Series supplement Carnitine Core has arrived. Early images of the item suggested it was going to be the brand’s first liquid form product. Latter it became clear that it was liquid, flavored, and looking to hit the 16oz division. As for it’s contents, not much was expected. The brand wouldn’t have upset too many of their fans if they had just gone with a simple one type formula. However, Muscle Pharm have returned in 2013 with something far better than anyone could have predicted.

Carnitine Core does use regular l-carnitine but also thrown in there is acetyl, tartate and propionyl carnitine. Giving the Core supplement a total of 4 different forms, the same amount as Nutrabolic’s Carnibolic. The surprise addition is that on top of the quad-carn matrix, team green have added raspberry ketones. Turning what would seem like your average individual ingredient product, into a high quality weight loss aid.

Each Carnitine Core bottle comes with 30 15ml servings containing 1,000mg of the 5 element proprietary blend. It’s main complex is a little light compared to something like Nutrabolics Carnibolic. However it’s price tag of $15 will see it going up against carnitine formulas from brands like Universal, NOW and Dymatize. Which is definitely dangerous as Carnitine Core not only beats some of them with it’s deadly price,  but it destroys all of them with it’s unique mixture of ingredients.

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