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AdreNOlyn Bulk does it all, Black Market Labs are the pre-workout masters

Black Market Labs are not your average brand. They don’t sell to distributors or online stores. They stay underground, out of sight and only exist to those who want the best when it comes to pre-workout supplementation. After originally discovering the company and seeing what they had to offer. The process and price of their products seemed to out weigh what ever result would come from the unknown range. As it turns out, our risk and investment resulted in an outcome we could have never predicted.

Out of the pre-workouts Black Market have to offer we decided to go with AdreNOlyn Bulk. While the others do offer some diversity the main ingredients are consistent right the way through the line up. So the intended effect would presumably be quite similar regardless of whatever variant we went with.

As a side note AdreNOlyn Bulk does take a while to kick in. Most of the reviewers mentioned that it took an extra 10 minutes or so before the whistle actually blew. But when it did, you heard it. Once the power of the Black Market pre-workout kicks in there is no more rest or rep limits. The body’s strength doesn’t increase as much as you’d expect however the ability to get back up after a minute and repeat a one rep max is a god like feeling.

Records do get broken, boundaries get torn apart, and the mind just zones in and focuses on the job at hand. The intensity that the supplement brings is indescribable. Sets go on and on with an endurance that feels like it’s never going to end. The only reason you stop the exercise is because the body’s muscles or grip gives out. AdreNOlyn has the ability to turn what was previously a 45 minute session into a 30 minute armageddon that all of a sudden you feel you can do back to back.

Because so much happens with the product it is easy to miss all the other features that go on outside of the the pre-workout’s incredible energy effect. As far as pump goes, it definitely plays a part. It isn’t the highlight of the supplement but it has not been left out. The same can be said for the mental aspect. While the focus is incomparable and better than pretty much any other product out there. It is not the best part of the supplement and can easily be drowned out by the non-stop rep’n effect of AdreNOlyn.

To put Bulk in to words of comparison – it has more energy than NLA’s Supp-D, the same intensity as Monster Pump, stronger focus than the original Jack3d, and a little less pump than MuscleMed’s NO Bull. It isn’t the fact that the formula does well in certain areas but that it combines every one of them into a single product. Creating an experience like no other and resulting in a performance that is both unforgettable and unattainable without AdreNOlyn.

If you do want to get a hold of Bulk, or any of the other Black Market pre-workouts the best way to buy them is direct. After the brand’s website overhaul their online ordering process has become a lot easier to use. Alternatively you can contact one of Black Market’s guerrillas who have all their contact details listed on the site.

One of the things that is surprising about the AdreNOlyn supplements are their prices. It definitely held us back from buying a tub, however it’s not until you’ve actually used the product that you realize the cost is irrelevant. Every reviewer that gave the formula a run was told the price after their feedback was submitted. The responses ranged from ‘willing to pay double’ to ‘what ever it costs to feel like that again’.

If you do actually take a look at AdreNOlyn’s price and break it down, the value of the pre-workout is not as bad as it seems. At first $60 for an energy product does sound a little GNC-like. However each Black Market bottle comes with 30 scoops, each scoop equaling the maximum serving amount. Leveling out at $2 per max dose. To show you just how competitive that sort of value is, below are some of the category’s top formulas listed with cost per maximum serving.

Betancourt D-Stunner – $1.54

Cytosport Monster Pump – $2.80

Driven Sports Craze – $1.55

Muscle Pharm Assault – $1.88

USP Labs Jack3d Micro – $1.60

With the numbers laid out like that AdreNOlyn actually has no need to lower it’s price. Initially it is a big investment but at $2 an experience it’s cheaper than Monster Pump and only a hint above Muscle Pharm’s Assault.

Black Market Labs may not be in magazines or posted up at your local retailer, but if popularity was won with product quality. There wouldn’t be a person out there who didn’t know about them. Their way of business does limit them to small time stores and direct online sales however the only people losing out with that game are the distributors.

You may have never seen any of the brand’s supplements before, or for that matter even heard of them. However Black Market’s AdreNOlyn Bulk (most likely Cuts and Hers too) is very real, and it is one of the most powerful products to ever be produced. The pre-workout is an indescribable experience so we can only hope that we’ve communicated the full might of the supplement and given you enough reason to join the underground revolution.

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