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M5 Reloaded for the stim free market, Cellucor drop hints at Extreme reformulations

Cellucor mentioned a while ago that they were planning on reformulating their pre-workout supplement M5 Extreme and re-titling it M5 Reloaded. Just a week and a bit out from the Arnold Classic the brand have gone ahead and given a detailed description on the new formula. Looking at the image Cellucor released they will not be carrying on the two in one idea from the Extreme version of M5. Also judging by what has been said the Reloaded edition will be a stimulant free product, with similar contents to the Build portion of it’s predecessor. On top of all the exciting supplement features, the brand also dropped hints at M5’s upgrade being the start of more to come. If fans are going to see an Extreme to Reloaded transformation 2013 will be one hell of a year with T7, WS1, L2, P6, R3, N0, and the top 10 pre-workout C4, still holding on to the suffix.

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