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Push10 reviewed as inferior, Muscletech’s Gakic is no longer unmatched

Push10 is the fourth supplement from Muscletech to feature the brand’s patent protected ingredient complex Gakic. The strength enhancer made it’s first appearance all the way back in the original Gakic which was released alongside two other over priced products, Leukic and Creakic. Since it’s debut it has gone on to be the driving force behind three sequels, Gakic Hardcore, Gakic Pro Series and today’s review item Push10. There were slight variations formula wise from the first version to the current. However it’s reputation didn’t really grow as well as predicted. Which Muscletech definitely wanted to alter with their latest Gakic innovation Push10, and it’s new stim free pre-workout direction.

Even though the brand do exaggerate the effects of their products on almost every occasion. Most Gakic formulas in the past have managed to deliver quite a unique experience. Believe it or not the ingredient does actually promote endurance, and you will absolutely get your share of that with Push10. Basically when your body gets tired and starts to fail on you. The power of Gakic kicks in, and it literally battles fatigue for a solid amount of time. Obviously it doesn’t go on forever but it does help you go that extra mile. The only real issue is that when Gakic has done all it can for you. It drops you so quickly that no matter what exercise or movement you’re doing, everything gives way. The effect doesn’t work throughout the whole session however it is present for long enough to enjoy.

As far as strength goes in previous Gakic versions. The ingredient only really increases your endurance capabilities, and in Push10 it is no different. It may further your overall rep count but nothing along the lines of a max lift or sub 5 reps.

One of the major problems Push10 has, is with it’s competition. Even though it is a non-stimulant pre-workout (which most can use amino cocktails as). With all the breakthroughs in energizing formulas, the unique effect that Gakic does bring to the table is achievable by so many other ingredients in today’s popular pre-workouts. Muscletech may have managed to bring the Gakic experience to their latest release, unfortunately it’s signature effect is no longer unmatched. Supplements like Assault, Annihilate and Monster Pump, all push the body well past it’s regular rep limit. While they do use a different set of ingredients, they still get the same result. Which means that the only real reason anyone should be looking at Push10, is because for some reason they are an athlete who wants to extend their exercises without stimulants.

In the rare case of wanting the single endurance effect as opposed to the endurance, pump, energy, focus and intensity that stimulated pre-workouts offer. The cost of Push10 becomes a major factor and results of the Muscletech product quickly become unrewarding. At between 35 to $40 a tub you’re only going to get 16 workouts out of the supplement. The bottle does direct 1/2 a scoop as one serving however you will need to load up a full scoop to get the everlasting experience from Push10. Once you factor that in you’ll realize it costs around $2.35 a session, and again that is without all the other effects you can get from mainstream pre-workouts at roughly twice the price. You could almost make the argument that amino cocktails would be better, especially with their value sitting on an average of $25 a tub. The difference would be that instead of having your exercises extended, you’ll get a lot more energy and depending on which formula you go with, a slightly stronger focus.

While Muscletech does manage to deliver another relatively effective Gakic creation. The beta alanine that the brand teamed the patented complex up with does seem to bring Push10 down a bit. Since you need to full scoop the pre-workout to get the goods from the product. The pins and needles side effect does end up having more of a presence. At 3.2g per maximum serving the ones who are usually disrupted by the sensation, will not enjoy the experience Muscletech offer with their stim free pre.

Nothing much was expected of Push10. It is a Gakic supplement and that says it all. After running the formula with a number of people, not only was it common that no one actually cared that it had no stimulants. But some of them didn’t even get the endurance response that the majority highlighted.

On top of the heavy value of the product it is hard to find a reason why you even consider buying Push10. With everything that is already on the market Muscletech needed more than their over used ingredient. They tried it with yohimbine in the Hardcore version, they then attempted a stimulant edition with caffeine in Gakic Pro Series. Even after all that, and Push10 with it’s beta alanine variation. It seems Muscletech haven’t managed to take the legendary ingredient any further than they did with the original capsule and powder release. With all the advancements in pre-workout supplementation you have to wonder how much longer Gakic will actually be around for.

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