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Battle Fuel XT is not worth the time, Muscle Pharm let their competitors catch up

A lot was expected of Battle Fuel XT. It was the first supplement that Muscle Pharm decided to reformulate from their original classic line up. Some of the products have been changed along the way however the testosterone booster was the first one to go under the knife with the black and green theme. The athlete’s company announced last year that the supplement was getting an update which they did officially launch in December. After months of delays we did finally get a bottle, and after a strong lengthy run we have a review of Battle Fuel XT.

The strong dose of DAA definitely sparked some interest in the muscle builder. When news got out that mucuna pruriens was also going to make an appearance in Muscle Pharm’s new testosterone booster. XT became a very hyped product. It did hold on to a few ingredients from it’s previous formula, although the original didn’t exactly offer much as far as results went. The fact that it was bound by the banned substance free rules made it seem like the supplement was kind of limited. While it was a relatively good product for athletes, if you were not a drug tested competitor then your money was better left in your wallet.

As disappointing as it is going to sound Battle Fuel XT is very similar to the original muscle builder. It doesn’t provide anywhere near as much as the other supplements in it’s category let alone any real effects. Like it’s predecessor, XT does marginally increase your intensity in the gym, however that is something that could be achieved with an average pre-workout. Strength might go up a tiny bit, but after that first week you really don’t see anything more. Compared to something like Anatropin, Muscle Pharm have literally brought a knife to a gun fight.

Battle Fuel XT’s ingredients did initially check out, unfortunately not being able to see the doses in which the brand used had the formula thrown in the yes and no area. Now that the product has been run for a sufficient amount of time it has been made clear that Muscle Pharm’s new testosterone booster is not what we had hoped it to be. XT may be banned substance free however the brand really needed to up their game. The supplement does still hold a strong position in that athlete’s market, although with all the other competitors out there pushing the boundaries and going with clean complexes. Muscle Pharm have not managed to hold on to that lead they initially got themselves when Battle Fuel first launched. Companies like Inner Armor with their Test peak are now right in the mix.

Battle Fuel XT does offer some results but as mentioned above, the effects are not impressive or exactly noticeable. For the price Muscle Pharm are asking even if you are a WADA tested competitor. At $1.70 a day, your money will be better spent elsewhere. The original Battle Fuel wasn’t really that powerful. However the athlete’s company had been making some big mainstream moves. So the hopes were that they would make a good run at the testosterone category, which they regrettably did not do with Battle Fuel XT.

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