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Intenze is about a year too late, Muscle Gauge Nutrition fail to replace DMAA

Muscle Gauge Nutrition Intenze

Muscle Gauge Nutrition have finally tried their hand at something other than protein powders. Previously their latest release was the meal replacement Gauge Lean. The spotlight has now been taken off the gimmicky supplement

and put on the new pre-workout Intenze. MGN are making the claim that it is the answer to the DMAA ban. While that statement is about a year too late, the product does actually pay homage to the original DMAA formula Jack3d. Of the 6 ingredients the USP Lab’s supplement carried, Intenze borrows 4. Leaving out arginine and DMAA, and taking beta alanine, creatine, caffeine, schisandra. On top of the borrowed features Muscle Gauge have included citrulline, phenylethylamine, theobromine, synephrine, and theophylline. Unfortunately they are 5 additions that will not make up for the DMAA loss. New products are always good to see, however the Intenze formula is something we all saw about a year ago. The trend is now to borrow from USP’s latest pre-workout Jack3d Micro, not their discontinued one.

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