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Jaxx series shows a bit of creativity, Fit & Fresh produce a trio of new supplement shakers

Fit & Fresh Jaxx shaker range

In a market where convenience has become a major factor. Supplement shakers have gone from regular lids and bottles to specially designed cups, compartments, and grills. What were once simple devices to mix up your protein powder, have now become multi-function contraptions that are built for all your supplementation needs. Making their way into the competitive category from a company called Fit & Fresh, is the new Jaxx range. There are three different products, two of them are straight shaker bottles one 20oz the other 28oz, both with a uniquely molded cup and an innovative mixing tool. The brand’s blending method is quite interesting, however their third and final item is also very creative. The Jaxx powder container is a dual compartment dispenser that stores two different volumes of supplements. It comes with an additional funnel to avoid spillage, and to remind just who their target market is. The bottle comes labeled with Pre and Post for the separate powder spaces. You can grab the products direct from Fit & Fresh or try your local nutrition retailer.

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