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Superdrive launches pre-April, Gaspari strike first with their 20 serving for $34.99

Gaspari Nutrition's Superdrive launches for $34.99

It seems that the team that was least interested in updating fans, has turned out to be the brand to strike first. Gaspari Nutrition have officially launched their pre-workout supplement SuperDrive. You can purchase a 20 serving tub of the product right now from the brand’s official website. While it is a little expensive at around $34.99, it is a small price to pay to get your hands on the SuperPump MAX sequel. Along with the release has also come the confirmation of the supplement’s options. Superdrive will be available in two sizes, 20 and 40 serving, with 3 flavors, fruit punch, orange mango, and strawberry kiwi. Also the question that has been on everyone’s mind is the mix up of labels. However if you paid close enough attention you might have noticed the mistake was made at the Arnold. While many thought that the listing of ingredients was a mistake because of the descending dose rule, Gaspari clearly bracketed the first section of their complex. Meaning the 250mg of caffeine is in a justifiable position. Either way if you would like to see the label we previewed, but on the brand’s website, and purchase Superdrive. Head over to the official product page.

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