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Testosterone Booster goes double and flavored, Six Star Nutrition amp up their muscle builder

Six Star Nutrition is one of the spin off brands of Muscletech. Their range of supplements is quite small and not exactly what you would call high end. With their 60 capsule Testosterone Booster retailing for about $10, the term you get what you pay for couldn’t be more fitting. The brand’s latest release stems from that very $10 product, however the new Testosterone Booster comes in powder form as opposed to pill. Not only is it’s serving method a little different but it’s formula has also taken on a bit of a change.

The new drinkable edition of Testosterone Booster is actually a lot better than the capsule version. While it’s still nothing to drop Anatropin for. At double the price of the pill formula the saying you get what you pay for comes in to affect once again. The 3 ingredients that were in the capsule supplement have been carried over into the flavored edition. However their doses have been doubled. Instead of 386mg of rhodiola, 2.7mg of gingko, and 100mg of boron. You will get 771mg, 5.4mg, and 200mg. The other features that have joined the Testosterone Booster are taurine at 1g, and tribulus with 300mg.

If you do happen to be a Six Star follower and for some reason need to stay loyal, or maybe you just like the price too much. When it comes to deciding between the two Testosterone Boosters, go with the powdered version. It won’t pack much of a punch, but a lot more than the $10 capsule product will.