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Review of the new Superdrive, fans hope Gaspari hold on to Superpump

Review of Gaspari Nutrition's pre-workout Superdrive

Gaspari Nutrition’s new pre-workout supplement Superdrive has been built up over the past few months. The product finally released a couple of days before the end of March first hitting the brand’s official website, then and GNC, and lastly every other retailer. The big question after all of the hype was how good is the supplement? It was intending to be one of the first major pre-workouts of 2013 launching alongside ANS Performance’s Ritual and the formula that has now been taken back to the drawing board, Psycho from Scivation. The contents did check out and did point at success. But like most pre-workouts Superdrive desperately needed a review to confirm it’s power.

Unfortunately despite the promotion, unique combination of ingredients, and claims Gaspari laid down for the new product. Superdrive isn’t something we would put in our top 10. It’s flavoring is definitely one of the best out there, rating right next to Cellucor’s C4 Extreme. But good taste is not something anyone should trade for effectiveness.

Superdrive has power, there is no question there. However thanks to the small collection of effects, next to their relatively weak strength, the supplement doesn’t manage to deliver as well as we had hoped. The major highlights of the product come from it’s short but intense energy kick and interesting level of focus. The higenamine and extremely high 500mg of caffeine puts forward a very noticeable amount of energy that disappointingly runs out rather quick. After about 35 to 45 minutes, if you do not keep up the intensity yourself you will find that the energy fades into a post-workout downer within minutes. The focus side of Superdrive is probably the most impressive part of the supplement. It is easily one of the best examples of tunnel vision, although much like the energy effect, it also doesn’t last that long.

The combination of short lived energy and top quality focus, is an interesting duo. However even if they did stay at a consistent level throughout your workout, Superdrive would still have trouble competing in the overflowing category. The Gaspari pre-workout does work, and come through with an experience, but what it doesn’t do is beat the best. Either way Superdrive should be successful regardless of our review, or for that matter any other review good or bad. Due to the massive reach of Gaspari Nutrition.

Sometimes a product is promoted so well and so much, you forget that there is the chance it won’t perform. Surprisingly that is the case with Superdrive. Hopefully due to the unfortunate experience of the pre-workout the brand will keep Superpump on board. Moving away from Gaspari, and on to the other energy supplement looking to make bank on 2013. ANS Ritual is the last product of the original three set for launch in April. With Superdrive in our books, out of the game. Ritual is the last remaining supplement looking to take over fans pre-workout pick.

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