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Sampling service inspired by their competition, Muscle & Fitness go with Jacked-In-A-Box

Muscle & Fitness rename their service Jacked In A Box

One of the few supplement sampling services has decided to change their name to make it even more obvious who their competition is. Muscle & Fitness, the magazine and nutrition retailer, already had a department dedicated to a monthly sampling service. They have now updated the joining process and retitled their business Jacked-In-A-Box. Whether or not the name was inspired by Jacked Pack, Muscle & Fitness have attempted to lure more customers to their service with a new feature on top of the new title. The packages still contain 5 to 7 samples with free shipping, however they have introduced free workout programs written by editors of American Media. If you would like to try the monthly service you can sign up on the official Jack-In-A-Box website and expect to pay $15 for an open membership, $12.50 per month on a half year contract, and $11.25 per for a one year commitment.

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