SpiderBottle not big on custom colors, BB.com want more than 3 in 1 and SmartShake

BB.com custom printed SpiderBottle

You could say BB.com cheated on SmartShake when they went behind their back and got themselves a custom printed 3 in 1 shaker. However it seems that the popular retailer have no intention of picking a side with their latest accessory coming from SpiderBottle. Like SmartShake and 3 in 1, SpiderBottles are compartment shakers featuring a couple of extras it’s competitors do not.

Instead of a plastic divider Spider have a sturdy cup insert to separate supplements or foods inside the first attachment. The other feature is it’s steel spring mixer as opposed to a regular plastic grill, which has been designed to ‘completely mix’ your drink. Putting aside the highlights, of the BB.com custom accessories the Spider does seem to be the most expensive at $14. To make matters worse the color combination is just an ordinary theme, showing how deep Spider can’t go when it comes to customization.

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