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APS help estimate CRE-3’s value, Muscle Pharm’s creatine nitrate looking over $30

APS Nutrition's latest supplement Creatine Nitrate

We reviewed APS Nutrition’s pre-workout supplement Mesomorph 2.0, after receiving a chunk of samples from the Australian Fitness Expo. For those who may not know, they are a brand present in a lot of other categories, one of which they are planning on revisiting. Currently APS are in the creatine business with a very basic monohydrate supplement.

However their most recent product sees them getting in before Muscle Pharm, with Creatine Nitrate. Unfortunately since APS Nutrition are not a well known brand, their release will not have anywhere near the amount of impact MP’s will. Despite their disadvantaged reach, the company have proven quite useful in regards to their pricing. Compared to the plain mono formula, APS are selling their nitrate version at more than double. Which hints at the possibility of team green launching their CRE-3 up over the $30 barrier for one month’s supply.

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