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Try 5 of Mutant’s best for $5, exclusive supplement sample box available in Canada

Mutant supplement sample box for $4.99

Much like a number of other companies this year, Mutant have uploaded purchasable samples to their online store. However instead of selling individual sachets and packets, the brand have done exactly the same thing as Formutech Nutrition. Now available exclusively through Mutant’s Canadian website, and soon the American, is a supplement sample box priced at $4.99. Of course the value of the pack is nowhere near that of the full size products, but it is a great way to give Mutant and five of their best supplements a go. As for the contents of the box it packs a single serving of Mutant Whey, Mutant Mass, the two pre-workouts Mutant Mayhem and Mutant Pump, and the unique recovery complex Mutant Rehab. The only hidden cost is the flat $5 shipping fee, which is ignored if your order exceeds $100.

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