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Women’s Elite joined by Kre-A-Fem Kick, All American EFX combine the power of creaitne with thermogenesis

All American EFX Kre-A-Fem Kick For Her

Just when you thought Promera were all on their own with their feminine creatine formula Women’s Elite. All American EFX have created a sequel to their equally pointless product Kre-A-Fem. The brand must have seen enough success to update their supplement as the new Kre-A-Fem Kick is currently making it’s way out to stores. As with all products

designed to seduce a female audience, EFX have covered the supplement in pink and added some attractive highlights for the face of the bottle.

As well as claiming increases in strength just like all creatines. Kre-A-Fem Kick basically lists everything girls want to see with energy, thermogenesis, no bloating, and despite being a basic creatine, no banned substances. Regardless of what the package says, it’s advertised effects are not worth counting on. Also at half the size of the regular Kre-Alkalyn, for a slightly higher price. You can sort of see what EFX are after. There are good women’s products on the market, however it’s cheap and deceitful formulas like this that take away the honesty from anything pink.

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