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MP Sportswear get creative with custom ear buds, Muscle Pharm accessory fit for Flo Rida

MP Sportswear headphones and four new snapback hats

It may have been three failed delivery dates for Muscle Pharm and their announcement of CRE-3, Clean Mass, Assault Shooter, and whatever else they have planned for this year. But MP Sportswear, the brand in charge of the company’s clothing department, have been on the ball when it comes to new products. Recently we’ve seen a number of designs released from the creative minds with the energy, nation, sportlines, and hit harder tees. To keep their momentum flowing the sub brand have gone ahead and launched five more items. Joining the headwear category are two shirt like styles, the nation and lines snap backs, and two other caps, the logo and badge snap backs. The fifth and final product is one that sees MP Sportswear showing that they have more innovation than their supplement counterpart, with customized Sports Fit Earbuds. For those eager fans stroking their wallets, the new items are all available online now with the snap backs at $31.99, and headphones at just $19.99.

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