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Assault 2.0 previewed before CRE-3 launch, Muscle Pharm on board for pre-workout season

Muscle Pharm preview their new pre-workout reformulated Assault

Of all the supplements expected to launch or at least be previewed this week by Muscle Pharm. The last thing fans saw coming was a reformulated Assault. The brand released a teaser image which does give a few details away, but no where near the amount we would like. The updated pre-workout is concentrated formula with an obviously smaller tub, and a confirmed 15g serving size. As for ingredients Muscle Pharm have stayed extremely tight. But they have mentioned the use of a patented nitrate technology called ION-3, and the inclusion of the popular branded beta alanine, CarnoSyn. The athlete’s company are planning on releasing more information soon, and expecting to launch the new Assault on August 1st. Unfortunately if their two failed CRE-3 dates are anything to by, we may not see anything until the Olympia.

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