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Sturdier bag and easy to use velcro seal, Mutant make a few changes to their much loved Mass

Mutant Mass repackaged for easier use

Mutant have gone from complex to individual with their last few releases, Stimutant, Creakong, and the latest BCAA 9.7. After all their effort being put into new products, the brand have revisited one of their biggest sellers, and made it that little bit better. The competitively priced Mutant Mass, is a weight gaining protein that currently comes in 2 sizes 5lb and 15lb, and six flavors, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry banana, cookies & cream, chocolate hazelnut, and peanut butter. While the recent adjustment to the supplement does not see any of those areas touched, Mutant fans will notice a visible difference with their next purchase of Mutant Mass. The product has dropped it’s original two sided bag for a new and improved four sided bag, a reinforced handle, and easy to use velcro seal. Mutant have already started circulating the redesigned mass proteins, so you can expect to see the upgraded bags in stores soon.

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