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Follow up to Superdrive in the works, possible Gaspari Nutrition supplement releases for 2013

Gaspari Nutrition Aminofuse, Bone Fuel, and Somnatropin

Last year Gaspari Nutrition released a number of new supplements with Detonate, Anatorpin, Glycofuse, Aminolast, and Myofusion Elite. As well as tease two 2013 items Isofusion and Superdrive. The latest launch from the brand was the Superpump Max successor Superdrive, which didn’t turn out to be as good as we had all hoped. The big question now however is what are Gaspari going to do next. A few days ago the team did upload an image of a new product in the mixing process, confirming that the company are definitely working on something. While they have yet to release any details on what exactly they are putting together, Gaspari Nutrition’s list of trademarks does help shed some light. There are currently three names sitting at the top of the list, Bone Fuel, Aminofuse, and Somnatropin. Hinting at the possibility of a joint complex, amino formula, or sleep aid for 2013.

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