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Harden Up’s official title revealed as Black Magic, Nutrabolics unleash beta samples of their male super sex pill

Nutrabolics male super sex pill Black Magic

A little over a month ago, Nutrabolics informed their fans that they were putting a male super sex pill into production. At the time the brand had not given the future supplement a name, with it’s temporary title being Harden Up. Today however the latest update coming from the informative company is the confirmation of beta formulas and an official name. Followers can now stop referring to the new Nutrabolics supplement as Harden Up, or male super sex pill, and etch into their brain the title Black Magic. Unfortunately despite the brand dropping the product’s name and it’s first set of samples. Nutrabolics have yet to release an estimated time of arrival for Black Magic, leaving those interested hanging for a few more months to come.

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