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Trail Mix and Victory followed by Isolate Power, Oh Yeah! increase their powdered product line

Oh Yeah! Nutrition new protein power Isolate Power

Oh Yeah! have been on a bit of a release rampage over the past few months. It started off with the launch of the brand’s unique Trail Mix, followed by new flavors of their protein powder Total Protein System, and more recently the release of the all natural Victory bars. The latest innovation from Oh Yeah! sees the brand heading back into the powdered department and increasing their range of protein offerings from two to three. Joining Total Mass System, and Total Protein System, is the trend following Isolate Power. The supplement is a 100% whey isolate product with 25g of protein per scoop, 2g of carbs, and zero fat and sugar. As well as launching with four flavors, chocolate, vanilla, cookies, and strawberry. Oh Yeah! have hit the market with both a 2 and 4lb Isolate Power, something very few companies do these days.

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