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GH Freak takes a turn for the better, Pharmafreak introduce DHEA and 5-HTP to their sleep aid

Pharmafreak reformulate GH Freak with DHEA and 5-HTP

Initially Pharmafreak’s GH Freak was a very basic supplement. The formula packed four ingredients, melatonin, GABA, l-theanine, and niacin. The product was made simpler when it hit international retailers with a completely different make up of phenibut, arginine, ornithine, lysine, and l-theanine. While the reformulated GH Freak was basically a shadow of it’s former self, Pharmafreak have once again revisited the supplement. However this time they have taken the product in a more positive direction. Compared to the formula’s original list of contents, per capsule the new variant has 150mg less GABA with 600mg, 0.25mg less melatonin with 1g, and 1.25mg less theanine at 5mg. To make up for the milligrams lost the supplement now comes with 120 capsules instead of 90, and the added effects of two new features 5-HTP and DHEA. Of all the brand’s products, GH Freak is the one missing from American retailers, so this version may in fact be an exclusive to the region.

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