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High powered focal agonist I-Focus, Pro Supps keep the creative juices flowing

Pro Supps I-Load mental focus supplement

Pro Supps have been doing release after release this year with the detox formula Guardian, then the fat burner Vanish, and now they’re at it once again with I-Focus. The supplement borrows it’s prefix from one of the brand’s other products I-Load,

and is joining a category Pro Supps are already a competitive part of. While the supplement isn’t exactly a pre-workout, it can definitely double as one with it’s focus driven formula and energizing intentions.

I-Focus features a combination of 26 different ingredients, and a list of very suitable claims such as cognitive function, mental clarity, mood enhancement, and nervousness control. At the moment I-Focus is listed as coming soon with no official launch date, week, or month mentioned. On the bright side we do have the product’s facts panel below for those eager Pro Supp’s followers and stimulant addicts.

Pro Supps I-Load facts panel
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