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Feelingless raspberry flavored fat burner CLK, Review of Cellucor’s weight loss supplement

Review of Cellucor's weight loss aid CLK

Cellucor’s weight loss supplement CLK was definitely a difficult product to review. Usually fat burners promote a range of effects or highlight one specifically like thermogenesis, energy, mood enhancement, sugar cravings, thyroid control, or metabolism. In the case of CLK it claims to be a breakthrough toning and sculpting formula which is something a lot of other supplements have written on their bottle, but never really deliver on. After running the unique little number for the regular amount of time, we have come up with a review that will hopefully communicate just what Cellucor were referring to when they said toning and sculpting.

As hard as it is going to be to believe, CLK is one of those products where you will in fact lose weight without actually doing or feeling anything. It’s effects all happen on the inside, with nothing notably happening on the outside, except for the number on the scale and look in the mirror. Of course being on a strict diet and exercise program is a major factor, and for those of you who are. Cellucor’s raspberry flavored innovation is basically a supplement that can easily be added to your stack without any risk of interrupting ingredients, and help keep off unnecessary amounts of fat even on the heaviest of off seasons.

We gave the fat burner two scenarios to show us what it’s got. One proved that while on a weight loss program or diet, CLK helped shed a few more pounds when taken by itself and even in combination with a complex fat burner. The second scenario we used was with a muscle building off season athlete who made no change to his routine, but lost a full 3lbs after three weeks of Cellucor’s CLK. No added cardio, diet manipulation, or extra training, leaving the weight loss aid as the only thing responsible. It is also worth mentioning that the overall intention of the off season user was to put on weight. Before using the item weight gain was consistently rising, alongside strength. Once moved to the supplement, the strength stayed on track with the weight essentially staying still for a few days, then proceeding to go down after a week. Further proving CLK’s unique ability.

Cellucor’s raspberry flavored formula is definitely one for the stack. Not only because it performs, but due to it’s unique list of ingedients, CLA, l-carnitine, 7-Keto DHEA, and raspberry ketones, you can actually stack the product with pretty much every complex fat burner available. The only downside to the Cellucor innovation is it’s price, however for those of you who are willing to pay for what it takes. You can throw your carnitine complex, fatty acid, or whatever other secondary weight loss supplement you’re using, away, and make room for Cellucor’s no lies toning and sculpting formula.

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