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Nitrate Assault looking very real for August 1st, Muscle Pharm changing the game this Thursday

Muscle Pharm set to release the Nitrate Assault this Thursday

Muscle Pharm have mentioned a number of supplement releaes over the past few months with Clean Mass, Assault Shooter. A preview image of Energel, and the first Nitrate formula CRE-3, which is expected to be joined by four more products based on the brand’s trademarks, ARG-3, BTA-3, GLT-3, and BCA-3.

Of all the promised formulas, Muscle Pharm’s 2013 reformulated Assault looks to be the one that is actually going to hit shelves.

The athlete’s company announced their new pre-workout supplement a few weeks back, then followed it up with the facts panel reveal. On both occasions the company confirmed their August 1st launch date, which does appear to be one Muscle Pharm plan being ready for. With plenty of updates, sample opportunities, and more mentions than anything in the past, fans and industry followers can start getting excited. The new formula is set to release this Thursday and will arguably be the brand’s biggest launch since Amino1 from late last year.

Despite the hype and interest in the potential fulfillment of the 2013 Assault, Muscle Pharm have not said anything in regards to the product’s release method. At the moment it is unknown as to where the pre-workout will show up with possibilities such as an exclusive online retailer, physical location, or maybe even direct from the brand themselves. Either way Muscle Pharm have once again put themselves into a position where they have to deliver.

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