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Vegan protein or something else entirely? Nutrabolics becoming 2013’s one to watch

Nutrabolics all natural gluten free vegan plant based supplement

With all that is going at Nutrabolics in their gluten free transformations, all natural NutraPure range, and new products like Black Magic. Fans may have thought the brand had announced all that would be coming over the next year or so. As it turns out Nutrabolics have confirmed another supplement with the description ‘all natural gluten free & vegan plant based’. At a guess we are going to say the product is set to be a vegan protein powder of some sort, much like the many other brown rice, hemp, and pea formulas out there. Regardless of what the unconfirmed supplement turns out to be, Nutrabolics seem to be showing us every month why they are one of the brands to watch over the course 2013.

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