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Mystery 8th supplement currently under wraps, MP Schwarzenegger Series hitting Australasia

Muscle Pharm's Schwarzenegger Series set for Australasia

Still with very little to go off, Muscle Pharm’s upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Series is set to launch in September with eight supplements. While only seven have been named so far, Iron Whey, Mass, Cuts, Pack, Pump, CRE3, and Dream. The eighth product pictured as a capsule formula, has yet to be revealed. Aside from what has been uploaded, the Arnold supplements have appeared in a number of stores as coming soon. For some that may not be much of a surprise, however it is the location in which they are appearing that gives a clue as to how well they have been designed.

Currently there are a handful of retailers across the continent of Australasia listing the seven known products as coming soon. Which says to us that they have been put together with an international market in mind, and that the formulas we are about to see are not likely to be based on the best of the best. In some of the regions the Arnold supplements are showing up in, Bullet Proof, Assault, ZMA Max, Battle Fuel XT, Shred Matrix, and Armor-V. All require regulating, alternate versions, or just can not be sold due to specific ingredients. Showing how limited the Arnold Series has to be for it to qualify for sale throughout Australasia.

With that in mind you have to wonder with such restrictions, how effective are the products actually going to be. On the flipside Muscle Pharm may have formulated a separate group of supplements for stockists in the heavily regulated areas. Which coming from a company who are planning to make it big at the Olympia, and don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to productivity, is not very likely.

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