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Pump product Noxivol gets turn into powder, CTD Labs simplify inhouse pre-workout stacking

CTD Labs produce Noxivol in powder form

CTD Labs, the team behind formulas such as Noxipro, Endurapro, Noxitropin, have a little supplement in their line up called Noxivol. The product was previously titled Noxavol and has been designed to enhance vasodilation, or simply increase pumps. Due to it being a caffeine free supplement it has the ability to be stacked with pre-workout products,

including of course CTD Labs own Noxipro or Noxipro Chrome.

For those of you who use Noxivol by itself or with another supplement, CTD Labs have some goods news with the announcement of another intake option on it’s way. Set to hit the brand’s range in the next few months is a new variant of Noxivol delivering the effects of the pump pill in powder form. There is no confirmed release date for the flavored version, however we can say the product will be arriving with a fruity taste.

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