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G Fuel flavors followed by a mystery product, Gamma confirm nothing but it’s capsule form

Gamma Labs confirm a new supplement set for release in October

So far this year Gamma Labs have only really been focusing on their pre-workout supplement G Fuel. Releasing a total of three new flavors pink lemonade, watermelon, and the yet to be seen but most definitely on it’s way, peach mango. Putting all the energizing excitement aside the update for today is not about another flavor or size, but a mystery new product. As far as details on the upcoming supplement go, the only clue we have to go off is the picture. Which if it is an actual silhouette of the real deal, we can confirm that the new mystery product is going to be a capsule supplement. With no name, category, or even a serving size to go off, Gamma have left both us and fans guessing. If it were any other brand where we could see what was missing, an educated guess would not be too difficult. Gamma Labs however produce two pre-workouts and two testosterone boosters, leaving no clues of their direction except for pretty much anything. Despite the announcement being extremely vague,  the brand have been kind enough to leave us all with an expected time of arrival sometime in October.

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