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Premixed Carnitine appears in capsule form, Muscle Pharm image suggests a pill variant

Muscle Pharm's Carnitine Core appears in capsule form

While Muscle Pharm are directing a lot of their attention to the new Nitrate Assault and the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger Series releasing in September. An image has surfaced of an alternate form of one of their Core supplements, Carnitine Core. Initially the product launched in a citrus flavored premixed liquid, with no real sign of that option’s list being changed or added to. The picture that has appeared however suggests that there could in fact be a capsule version of the multi-form carnitine supplement in the works. The bottle in the image is clearly a capsule container dropping the tall skinny frame, tapered lid, and orange label that makes up the original premixed Carnitine Core. Unfortunately without any confirmation from the brand, it is uncertain whether or not the pill picture is real. That being said there is the possibility that the image could just be another graphics mix up. Much like what we saw with the powdered version of ZMA Max, and the unflavored Beta-Alanine which has still yet to see the light of day.

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