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Arnold Schwarzenegger supplements named, Muscle Pharm CRE-3 now titled Iron CRE3

Muscle Pharm confirm seven supplements for the Arnold Series

In case you missed the update a couple of weeks ago, Muscle Pharm announced a partnership with the legend himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. The deal was that the popular supplement company would produce his very own product line. For those who also missed out on our opinion on the topic, or didn’t quite understand it, we felt the move was a bit odd, firstly because it is Arnie and the athlete’s company. Secondly, how could Muscle Pharm put together a bunch of supplements with their name on them, when we had always assumed they put their best efforts into their own products. Would Arnie’s pre-workout be better than Assault? If so, why or what makes it different? The same questions would be echoed across every other item put together by the partnership. Aside from the inevitable clashes the range is going to run into, we have here today the presumed categories and confirmed titles for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series.

With an expected release time frame of sometime next month, the key word there being expected. Muscle Pharm are planning on launching seven different formulas. As we mentioned earlier our main concern is the brand crossing over with their current supplements, which as it turns out is something that is definitely going to happen. Making the list are two presumed protein products, Iron Whey and Iron Mass, the latter being the mass variant. Iron Pump and Iron Cuts, we’re guessing pre-workout and fat burner. Iron Pack and Iron Dream, the two more interesting names of the group, expected to be a multi-vitamin pack and recovery complex similar to Bullet Proof, and lastly the most surprising one of them all, Iron CRE3.

Whether it was back in March, or during the third failed release in early June. Muscle Pharm appear to have completely changed their minds on CRE-3, and taken it out of team Nitrate and added it to team Arnie. While the first four Arnold supplements do appear to be the staples for any line, and Iron Pack and Dream most definitely sounding like the standouts of the group. Seeing the title Iron CRE3 on the list just makes you shake your head. Muscle Pharm could still be launching the creatine Nitrate through their own range, however it is very unlikely. It’s a massive disappointment to see all that hype and now most probably the rest of the expected Nitrate series, go down the drain. Upsets aside, you really have to wonder, after basically forgetting about Clean Mass, caffeine free Assault, Iso-Core, Beta Alanine, Assault Shooter, and Energel. What is the motivation behind Muscle Pharm’s actions these days?

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