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20, 30, 50, and now 36 serving Nitrate Assault, Muscle Pharm produce an exclusive for GNC

Muscle Pharm make an exclusive 20% extra Assault for GNC

Just as GNC always seem to get with the big supplement launches, they have done so with Muscle Pharm’s new Nitrate Assault. While the retailer managed to pick up both the regular 30 and larger 50 serving tubs from the brand, a couple of their 30 serving variants have got a little something extra,

20% extra to be exact.

Of the six new Assault flavors GNC are stocking, raspberry lemonade, watermelon, blue arctic raspberry, and fruit punch, have all got 6 more servings than the other two, grape and lemon lime. Fortunately for Muscle Pharm fans who shop at GNC, the tubs with the added 87g will not cost you anything more than the non-bonus 30 serving bottles.

The only downside seems to be the same with every other retailer releasing the new Nitrate Assault, which is the availability of the 7th flavor pineapple mango. That being said, for 20% more pre-workout, the one less option isn’t likely to drive customers away. Especially with the GNC launch price of $31.99, or $46.99 for the 50 serving.

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