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Pre-workout Condense gets upgraded to three, Purus Labs go tropical with new island punch

Purus Labs pre-workout Condense gets island punch

Condense is Purus Labs current entry into the pre-workout market delivering it’s experience by way of a four feature complex, consisting of betaine anhydrous, beta alanine, the branded ingredient Nitratene, and caffeine. To top off the rather thinly packed product Purus have gone the extra mile and

transparently detailed their formula, showing users exactly what they are taking when it comes to dosing.

The reason the supplement is the topic of today is due to it’s upcoming menu upgrade. At the moment Condense comes in just two flavors, melonberry cooler and crisp apple, which are about to be joined by island punch. There has been no confirmation on when the new variant will be released, but with an image of it already produced we’re going to assume it’s not far away.

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