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Nothing new for the reformulated Assault, review of Muscle Pharm’s 2013 pre-workout

Review of Muscle Pharm's new Nitrate Assault

When Muscle Pharm dropped the bomb on a new version of their pre-workout Assault, two scenarios played out in our minds. Could the big and powerful company produce something competitive while staying within their banned substance roots. Or were their days of breakthrough and breakout formulas over and done with. Despite our initial thoughts of the new Assault, which we nicknamed the Nitrate version to help make conversations about the two a little easier. We knew we had to purchase a tub of the supplement to see how it stacked up against both the original, and today’s competition. So after 21 servings in a little over a week, we have here today an experience review of the latest addition to the Muscle Pharm family.

For those of you who have used the original Assault, and found happiness with it’s effects. You will be pleased to hear that the new Nitrate edition is very much the same. The brand did say there were a few changes, those being the nitrate ingredients, less carbs, and an extended release form of caffeine. Of those three changes, only one was relatively noticeable to us. The nitrate ingredients from our point of view did not do a thing for the product’s performance. It had the same kick, same drive, impressive intensity, and powerful focus enhancement. The less carbs also did not really change anything performance wise, only really offering a lighter serving size and less tasty drink.

The last highlight Muscle Pharm promoted was the use of the new PureEnergy. A trademarked complex made up of pterostilbene-caffeine, designed to promote longer lasting effects. While we are not ones to listen to what a brand have to say to help sell a supplement. Muscle Pharm are not wrong about the improved endurance. Nitrate Assault does manage to deliver a much lengthier workout experience by pushing it’s average time before wearing off from about 50 minutes up to about 75.

One thing we do have to mention about the new Assault, that is rather important, is it’s serving size. Originally the previous version of the product recommended half a scoop for regular training, and a whole scoop for hardcore. It was sometime last year that those directions were changed along with the scoop size. Shrinking the scoop to half the original’s size, and labeling the supplement with the recommendation of one scoop, listing no maximum. The same method has been applied to the latest Muscle Pharm attraction as the brand have not listed a maximum on the label. However after upping the dose bit by bit, we eventually ended up safely using a little under two scoops. Which is what we figure to be the equivalent of the original Assault’s hardcore dose, and what the above experience is based on.

All up Muscle Pharm’s reformulated pre-workout does get the job done. It may be almost identical to the previous edition of Assault, with it’s now average level of energy and intensity, but it does work. That being said if you are wondering whether or not it compares to others on the market as well as it’s predecessor did when it launched. The answer is no, not by a long shot. By going down the same path they did with their last pre-workout formula, Muscle Pharm have essentially ended up with the same sort of performance. They did make some minor adjustments, however in today’s game with so many stimulants and energizing complexes. The brand really needed to bring something that would throw them up the ladder, not lightly tap.

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