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Zero trans fat protein bar Walo added to, 4+ Nutrition make use of zabaoine once again

4+ Nutrition announce four new flavors for their protein bar Walo

With more updates than we can remember, 4+ Nutrition have kept the ball rolling after their numerous flavor additions, with more tastes being added to one of their more conveniently produced products Walo. The zero trans fat high protein bar

is currently available in just three options, milk chocolate, cookies n’ cream, and the most unique one of the group, lemon & pinoli. As for the new variants 4+ are welcoming aboard four flavors to the Walo menu, coconut cream, tiramisu, caffè, and one we last saw being introduced to Egg+, the Italian favorite Zabaione. Despite not releasing any sort of an arrival date, 4+ Nutrition have confirmed that the new Walo tastes are ready to go and should be arriving at distributors and retailers shortly.

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