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Science based pre-workout gets new flavors, ANS give back to their breakout formula Ritual

ANS Performance announce their two new Ritual flavors

As promised ANS Performance have come announced the new variants for their hit pre-workout supplement, the science based Ritual. The product landed earlier in the year taking out most, if not all of it’s competition, with one 45 serving size tub, and only two flavors on it’s menu, icy blue freeze, and candy green apple. Those options are now set to be joined by two more tastes, peach mango twist and wicked watermelon. As well as the volume we already had confirmed, the more price competitive 30 serving bottle. On top of Ritual’s additions, the pre-workout has also come out with an entirely new look. The more colorful and blue all over theme is most definitely a rebranding, one that will likely spread to the remaining ANS supplements sooner rather than later. Despite the announcement being more than exciting, fans will have to wait to get their hands on the new variants, or lay their eyes on the updated packaging. As ANS Performance have confirmed a 4 to 6 week wait before the options become available.

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