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P6 Black Extreme 21 capsule trial size bottle, Cellucor hoping to convince you in just 7 days

Cellucor P6 Black Extreme 21 capsules

Alongside the launch of Cellucor’s reformulated M5, M5 Reloaded. Came the return of the brand’s legendary muscle builder P6 Black Extreme. As well as being one of the most exciting releases of 2013, it was also a product a lot of people felt did not do the original P6 Black any justice. Regardless, the supplement has been around

long enough and successful enough for Cellucor to give it an additional size. Joining the testosterone booster’s one month’s supply 90 capsule bottle, is a 21 capsule variant, the exact amount to see you through a full week. As for it’s cost, the less than 25% volume comes with a price tag spot on 25% of the regular option. Giving you just enough reason to purchase the trial bottle, in which Cellucor hope you see the right amount of results to trade up for the 30 day’s supply next round.

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