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Hyde formula upgraded not reformulated, Pro Supp release their new pre-workout direct

Pro Supps release their new pre-workout supplement Hyde

Hot off the announcement of the ingredients behind their pump product NO3 Drive. Pro Supps have uploaded the facts panel behind their reformulated pre-workout Hyde. As it turns out the term reformulation is not exactly the best word to describe what the brand have done to their energizer. The new Hyde V2

is actually more of an upgrade carrying over 10 of the original’s 12 ingredients, leaving behind hordenine and n-methyl tyramine.

To replace the duo and give the supplement that extra buzz, Pro Supps have also introduced swertia chirayita, acacia rigidula, dendrobium, n-isopropyloctopamine, and Noopept. If you’re interested in getting a hold of the pre-workout as soon as possible. It does appear that Pro Supps are selling Hyde direct, however you will need to pay $59.99 a bottle to get a hold of the product before it hits stockists.

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