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Beautifully themed Wanderlei Silva shaker, SmartShake Brazil get colorful without color

Custom colored Wanderlei Silva SmartShake

The original compartment shaker from SmartShake, as most would already know, is recognized around the world. This is both due to it’s fans shipped to from America, and audience reached by retailers and distributors the brand deal with internationally. The reason we bring up the innovators today is because of the partnership their Brazilian department has made with their sponsored MMA fighter, Wanderlei Silva. The two have put together a custom sequel to the previous black and white collaboration combining a black, top, cup, and powder attachment. With the pill compartment white, featuring the fighter’s nickname ‘the axe murderer’ in black, Silva’s logo also in white stamped on the cup, and to keep the theme flowing, a white cap for the lid. We have to say even if the product was without the wonder of Wanderlei, the SmartShake would still carry a large amount of attraction, and definitely does justice to the athlete’s original piece. The only downside to the well designed shaker is that it is likely to stay in Brazil, leaving most of us out of reach of the beautifully crafted necessity.

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